8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Orlando Airport Limousine

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It’s common knowledge that bad transportation can make any vacation regrettable. It is always important to plan your map, get fare data and book your rides before you go on tour.

Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US due to its mesmerizing theme parks, bustling nightlife, sunny beaches and photogenic spots. So naturally, it’s important to book a ride that can jaunt you around the state in luxury and comfort.

Orlando Airport Limousine is a fantastic solution and a great service to ride with. We carry wonderful cars that can tour you through Orlando and Florida as a whole.

But you must be thinking, why not book a different service? And as an answer, we have compiled a list of 8 reasons why you should book with OAL!

1. Affordable Rates:

The biggest factor that makes Orlando Airport Limousine stand out from others is the affordability. We have a large fleet of sumptuous cars available at the cheapest rates in town! 

On top of that, we provide many special discounted rates on popular routes. Fares start at just $59/hour!

2. Stunning Rides:

We believe that it’s really important for rental services to have a large fleet of cars that caters to the needs of all its customers. 

Here at OAL, we carry a huge fleet of vehicles ranging from simple town cars and sprinter vans to stretch limousines and luxury coaches. These cars are available in different dazzling colors.

Moreover, all of our cars have gorgeous decorative lighting, chilled air conditioners, luxury leather interior, solid shiny exterior and marvelous audio systems. We also have strict security locks installed that ensure a safe experience!

3. Expert Navigation:

If you’re not familiar with Orlando and its routes, we highly encourage you to book with us!

Not only are our drivers expert at navigation, but they know every street and route in Orlando. They can swiftly take you to your destination, all while giving a brief tour of the fantastic city!

It also helps to ride with someone who knows the safest places in town, so you can enjoy your tour without risking your security. Trusted rental service is also better than local transport, as taxis can sometimes rip you off!

4. Efficient Service:

Here at Orlando Airport Limo, we believe in giving our all and aiming for top-notch service. That’s why we have gained positive reviews and loyal customers over the course of 20 years.

Our cars pick you up from the spot, take the shortest and safest route, and drop you off with punctuality. The chauffeurs make sure to maintain the cars and dress according to the occasion.

We also serve a large area that includes Orlando, Miami, Melbourne, Hollywood, Daytona Beach, Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, Naples and all major towns!

5. Trusted Network:

Our efficiency is our pride. We have been in the rental business for over two decades, serving thousands of satisfied customers.

Our wealth of experience is what defines our service. With lavish cars, professional service and efficacious customer service, we have managed to wow everyone that has booked with us. With our top-notch service, there is no discrimination, and there is definitely no reason for skepticism.

6. Amazing Packages:

We love our state of Florida. And to share that with everyone, we offer special rates for popular tourist spots. These include Port Canaveral, Disney World, Universal Studios and many other tourist-favorite points!

Orlando is a very famous city for destination weddings, and here at OAL, we have a Wedding Service package that includes decor, refreshments and much more!

Our other packages include Prom package, perfectly composed of unadulterated luxury. The Night Out package is ideal for those who want to see Orlando in all its glory. The Tour package is for those who want to visit the best spots and have a holiday blast!

But those are just the tip of the iceberg.

7. Car Entertainment:

We understand how exhausting vacations can be. Especially if you’ve been traveling all day, it’s very easy to get bored.

Fortunately, Orlando Airport Limousine features an extensive fleet of cars with different comfort levels, styles and entertainment. All our cars have cozy seats and air conditioners.

But that’s not all! Our cars come with charging ports, TV screens, DVD players, high-definition audio systems and power lighting. 

Our fleet also carries champagne, drinks, water and glasses, sometimes even extra refreshments like snacks and sodas. It’s almost impossible to feel bored when you’re riding with us!

8. Easy Booking:

We make communication with our customer care very easy. If any passengers have queries, complaints or schedule changes, we aim to resolve those issues as soon as we can.

Speaking of communication, booking with us is also very simple. There are three ways you can reserve a ride with us!

1. By calling us ahead at 1-800-617-9590

2. Through emailing us at info@orlandoairportlimousine.com

3. By going on our user-friendly webpage and filling the necessary fields.

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