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For most people, their wedding day is the most memorable day in their lives. There are so many things happening when planning your special day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We know how hectic and crazy planning a wedding tends to be. In our 20 years of experience providing wedding limos, we have seen beautiful weddings ruined by little mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Orlando Airport Limousine understands how important your wedding day really is and that’s why we make sure that there are zero problems and everything goes smoothly for your special day.

We take it upon ourselves to do everything humanly possible to ensure our couples have that magical moment they have always dreamed of on their wedding day. We always go above and beyond by using only the best vehicles and providing the absolute best service that we’re known for in Central Florida.

Renting a wedding limo doesn’t have to be a complicated, frustrating hassle. Orlando Airport Limousine simply makes it easy. We worry about all of the logistics that are usually tedious and not needed. We genuinely help take the stress out of your wedding day planning.

One of the biggest reasons people choose Orlando Airport Limousine for their wedding limo is our attention to detail. We make sure everything is exactly like you want. Everything is completely customized to your taste and style.




Obviously, only people looking to get married need a wedding ceremony limo. However, there are certain grooms and brides who are looking to get married that wouldn’t want to miss out on our premium services. Who needs us?


  • Brides and grooms who are looking for innovative and elegant wedding day transportation.
  • Couples that want a posh, high quality wedding limousine on their wedding day without having to break the bank.
  • Couples that require prompt private transfers from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue on their wedding day.


You may have your own reasons for choosing a limo though as there are more than we can count. However, be rest assured that you are signing up for ultimate luxury when you let us handle your transportation needs on that special day.



It may not seem like it, but once you reserve our services, you have invited us to your wedding. This means we will not just pick you up and drop you off like you called a ride sharing service or you are a taxi cab fare.

It is your wedding day after all. We always make sure that you arrive with a huge smile on your face, and that you’re happy and confident as you arrive for your wedding day.

Everyone expects different things when they reserve a wedding limousine service. Because communication is the key to preventing any type of mistakes or misunderstandings, this is an area we pay very close attention to.

We strive to meet your expectations and always discuss your desires before the big day, so there aren’t any disappointments. This is why we fully explain what we offer and what you can expect for your wedding day limo experience.

We make sure you are completely happy with all of the arrangements and that we have everything ready and exactly how you want. Some examples of how we ensure you get the perfect experience are as follows: the red carpet entry, the chauffeurs, and the refreshments.



The Red Carpet Entry

Many people think that the red carpet is only for celebrities, nothing could be further from the truth. On your wedding day, you are the celebrity without question. That’s exactly why you deserve to be treated and pampered just like any other celebrity.

Because of this, we always want to give you a red carpet treatment as we join in the celebration of your matrimony. We are truly happy to help create the most perfect day possible and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.


The Chauffeurs

One thing about weddings is certain, everyone will dress to impress. A wedding is also the most common event that everyone dresses for the occasion.

Brides understand this, grooms understand this, the bridesmaids and groomsmen understand this, and we definitely understand this.

Though our chauffeurs are always well dressed, they go the extra mile and take the extra care and time to look good for you on your wedding day.

From the moment they open the doors of the limo to when you are seated at the venue, you will feel like this is truly your special day.


The Refreshments

If there is one event that deserves plenty of refreshments and indulgence, it is a wedding ceremony. Likewise, if there is one day that simply enjoying can’t be too much, it’s your wedding day.

That’s why we can arrange to have whatever refreshments you would like to have in your limo, stocked and ready for your enjoyment. This is a day about indulgence and a little excess, so why not make the most of it and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

What You Can Do Now

Having seen what you stand to benefit from our services, you can fast-track your Orlando wedding limo reservations in the following brief steps:

  1. Step One: Visit our Fleet Page to see the types of vehicles we have and make your choice. Although we update the page frequently, ask about any vehicle you would want to use but cannot find there and we will provide a solution.
  2. Step Two: Carefully read through our Pricing Page to have an idea of what is required of you financially, and how you may make payments. OAL Inc.’s pricing is very competitive and you can compare with others to see the glaring diference.
  3. Step Three: Go through our FAQ page to get clarifications on issues that are not so clear to you.
  4. Step Four: Contact us by making use of the channels at the end of this article or through our Contact page. When you reach out to us, endeavour to ask any questions that bother you and you will get answers immediately. Remember, this is your opportunity to bargain or negotiate with us.
  5. Step Five: Place an order or make reservations for your transportation needs after you must have gathered all the information you need. That’s all there is to the process!

Our returning customers know what to expect because they almost feel like a family member. When our new accounts find out that all of the trip details are handled, they don't think about a bit of traffic, and the only surprises are fun ones, it's never long before they're a family member too.

You want to be the first in your group to experience the amazing service at Orlando Airport Limousine. Once you do, everyone will hear stories and want to know what it was like. Let us set you up in class and corporate excellence.

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