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Welcome to orlandoairportlimousine.com, here are the terms and conditions that govern using this website. You may only use this website if you accept the following terms and conditions and use this website accordingly. 


If you do not agree to these terms and conditions or any of the terms, in particular, you may not use this website. 

You must be 18 years or older in order to use this website. By using this site and agreeing to the following terms and conditions you testify and represent to be at least 18 years of age.

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License to use the website

Orlando Airport Limousine owns the intellectual property rights to this website and the material on this website unless otherwise stated. Subject to the license of this website, all the intellectual property as below has its rights reserved to Orlando Airport Limousine.

Downloading & viewing this website is permitted for caching purposes only. However, copying content, printing pages, images, and any other intellectual property of Orlando Airport Limousine website for your personal usage is subject to restrictions that you may find under these terms and conditions and as stated below:

Individuals Must Not:

  1. Repurpose the material of this website for publishing on any other website or elsewhere;
  2. Replicate, sell, rent or sub-license the website material;
  3. Present/project/share material from this website in or on any public platform as own;
  4. Replicate, reproduce, copy or exploitation of any material from this website for your commercial use;
  5. Modify or edit any of this website’s material;
  6. Distributing the non-redistribution material (this exempts content aimed at redistribution and available for resuing on this website); 

Content expressly made available for redistributing shall only be redistributed with and among the same organization. 

Acceptable use of website

Individuals must not, in any way, use this website that causes damage to this website or may cause impairment of the accessibility or availability of this website. Or in any other way that is illegal, fraudulent, unlawful or harmful or using this website in connection with such illegal, fraudulent, unlawful or harmful activities or purposes. 

Individuals must not use the website for copying, transmitting, sending, storing, using, distributing or publishing any materials that are linked to or consists of any computer viruses, spyware, trojan horse, keystroke logger, worm, rootkit or any other malicious software.

Individuals must not conduct any automated or systematic data collection activities from this website, including data mining, scraping without limitation, data harvest or data extraction; in relation to or on this website unless Orlando Airport Limo granted written consent for doing so.

Individuals must not transmit or send any unsolicited commercial usage of this website and must not use this website for marketing and promotional purposes unless otherwise written consent from Orlando Airport Limousine is issued.

Access Restrictions 

Certain areas of this website are access restricted. Orlando Airport Limousine reserves all rights to restrict the accessing to some areas of this website and restrict access to the entire website at Orlando Airport Limousine discretion.

In case orlando Airport Limousine has granted you access to restricted areas of this website, via a provided user ID and password or to enable you for any content or service via these account credentials, you are entitled to keep this user ID and password confidential.

Orlando Airport Limousine holds the right to disable your account access credntials in Orlando Airport Limousine’s sole discretion with no explanation or notice provided.

Reasonableness of Website

By using Orlando Airport Limousine’s website you agree to the exclusions and/or restrictions of liability imposed within the disclaimer of this website are reasonable. In case you disagree with the reasonability of this website, you must not use it.

Other Parties

For using this website you must accept Orlando Airport Limousine as the limited liability entity and has the right to limit the individual liability of any of its employees and officers. You must only use this website if you agree to not bring any personal claim to Orlando Airport Limousine’s employees or officers, with respect to any losses you may have suffered in connection to this website.

Without prejudice to the above-mentioned paragraph, you agree that the liability of limitations of warranties set out in Orlando Airport Limousine’s website disclaim is protection for Orlando Airport Limousine employees, officers, agents, successors, subsidiaries, assigns and sub-contractors.  

Breaching the terms and conditions

Without prejudice to Orlando Airport Limousine rights under the foregoing terms and conditions, breaching f any or all of these terms and conditions in any way, Orlando Airport Limousine is obligated to take such action as Orlando Airport Limousine deems appropriate as the right way to deal with the breach.; including a suspension of your access to this website or prohibition from accessing this website, using  IP addresses to block computers from accessing this website, blocking access to this website by contacting the internet service provider of the breacher and/or bring court proceedings against the breacher. 


Orlando Airport Limousine may revise these terms and conditions if and when applicable. Revised terms and conditions as soon as published will apply to the use of this website. You may check the page regularly to ensure the right use of this website with the current update.


Under these terms and conditions, if a provision is determined by any competent authority or any court to be unenforceable and/or unlawful, all other provisions will remain effective. If any unenforceable and/or unlawful provision requires the deletion of a part to be enforceable or lawful, then Orlando Airport Limousine is liable will be deemed to delete that part of the terms and conditions and the rest of the provision will remain effective. 

Entire Agreement

The foregoing terms and conditions constitute an entire agreement between individuals and Orlando Airport Limousine with respect to the use of this website by the individual and supersede all or any previous agreements in relation to the use of this website by the individual.

Jurisdiction and Law

Foregoing terms and conditions are governed by and constructed according to the Florida state law and disputes of any kind relating to this website’s terms and conditions are subject to the exclusivity of law and jurisdiction of the courts of Florida State. 

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