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OAL Inc. limo services are peerless and our reach is boundless. Once you arrive in Orlando airport, you can count on us to get you just about everywhere in the magnificent city. Some of our most popular limo destinations are as follows:


24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, we handle your transportation needs at any of Orlando’s airports with professionalism. Whether you are visiting or about to leave town, our professional chauffeurs are always there to help you arrive to your hotel or make it to your flight. It is really simple and happens in a few steps:

  • You arrive at the airport and follow the sign to your baggage claim.
  • You sight any of our expert chauffeurs holding up your name on a board
  • they will meet & greet you in your baggage claim area.
  • He/she immediately helps carry your luggage
  • You follow to your limo which waits just one level down from baggage claim.
  • Enjoy a thrilling ride to your hotel or other destination.

For departures, it’s almost the same. It is as simple as follows:

  • Give us the time of your departure
  • we recommend to leave disney or universal property at least 2/hrs prior to your departure time.
  • 15 minutes before time, our chauffeur is already waiting at your door
  • Once ready, he loads your luggage in the limo
  • Your smooth journey to the airport begins!


As one of the most exciting – if not the most exciting destination in Orlando – we have invested a lot of resources in perfecting transport to the adorable port. To guarantee an all-round exciting trip we eliminate all possible stressors potential customers may face. With us:

  • Your chauffeur will drop you off at your requested cruise terminal,each terminal has it’s own designated  pick up/drop off  area(Same). You will get dropped off there and get picked up from the same area.
  • You will not need to wait for your chauffeur; your chauffeur waits for you at the airport or at the port canaveral cruise terminal.
  • We can schedule your limo to pick you up as early as 7am and as late as 11am based on your flight departure time from the orlando airport.
  • Most importantly, you drive to Port Canaveral in a limo or private car in no time.  So that you never have to worry about missing your cruise holiday.


For many people, prom happens once in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how many prom nights you have attended; for us, what really matters is how many prom nights you have been treated like a king or queen. To give you both a royal limousine treatment and celebrity arrival, we have arranged a package for a prom you will never forget. It is also very simple for us to help you enjoy a safe limousine ride in Orlando.

  • You simply book an Orlando Prom Limousine of your specifications.
  • On the prom night, we pick you up, next we pick your date up too.
  • On arrival, our chauffeurs will open the doors for you – ensuring you get the luxury you paid for, much to the admiration of your high school peers.
  • Based on arrangements, our chauffeur can wait patiently till your time of departure or return just in time to pick you up.


For every woman that wants to get married, the wedding day is the biggest day of her life. It is also not too different for me. To ensure you get the best reaction on this special day, we have invented an innovative culture of creating magical moments when they are most needed. When you work with us on this special day, these are just some of the many ways we can give you the union of a lifetime.

  • No matter who you are, we have the right limousine for your wedding in Orlando.
  • Depending on the information we receive, we will ensure the colours of the chauffeur’s uniform and the limousines match with the colour of the bride's wedding gown!
  • You will arrive in style and in time. Not before your guests arrive, but as soon as they are comfortably seated.
  • You can be sure that all eyes will be on you when our well-groomed chauffeurs open the doors for you, paving the way to your elegant entrance.


Disney world is a world of entertainment, but you can only get this entertainment when you reach Disney world, and if you reach there in the right mood. Don’t spoil the fun by using shuttle buses which may set up the wrong mood for you. Use our amazing drivers to get amazing benefits on Disney limousine transport in Orlando. Achieving this is quite simple:

  • Simply make a Disney World limousine reservation
  • On the arrival day, we pick you up in the baggage claim
  • If you want, our friendly chauffeurs will be kind enough to keep your excitement alive by chatting with you till you reach your destination.


Will you be arriving Orlando through the orlando international sanford Airport? Then you can rely on our special package prepared for our arrivals. This all-in-one package includes:

  • Timely pick up upon arrival
  • Luxurious limousine ride to your destination such as Disney world, Universal Studios and Port Canaveral.
  • Detailed information about other interesting sites in Orlando where you may also spend quality time during your holiday.
  • Polite gestures and aid from the moment you descend that escalator to when you alight at your destination, and even to when you board a flight back home.

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Very clearly, our 20 years of experience in this industry has availed us the skills, knowledge and resources which benefit all of our customers. Little wonder we continue to enjoy a growing base of faithful followers. For more information or pricing call us Toll Free 1-800-617-9590 or e-mail us at: info@orlandoairportlimousine.com