Orlando Prom Limousine

OAL Inc. brings an all new prom package to our dear customers who will be needing luxury transportation on that special prom night. Owing to the importance of senior school prom, we have taken time to create a student-friendly prom package for you and your friends.

Why Choose Our Prom Limos?

At OAL Inc., we give you what we have mastered, and that is unadulterated luxury. You can count on us to provide you the prom transport of a lifetime because of the following reasons:

We Have the Experience: We have been in the business of delivery high quality luxury transportation in Orlando and environs for about two decades now. It is only natural that our knowledge base of the industry will increase appreciably. The good news here is that you can enjoy from our deep knowledge and wealth of experience when you use our services.

We Have the Cars: If you have not checked them out yet, do well to view our Fleet Page. We have the latest models of your favourite cars waiting for you to call them to action. For most of these vehicles, there are more than one colors available, so you are very likely to get a ride to your prom in Orlando inside a limo of your favourite color.

We Have the Reach: We serve both the nearby neighbourhoods and distant ones. Our committed drivers can take you the distance and bring you back safely depending on your arrangements with us. Practically, we will drive you to your prom venue so long it falls within our service areas. Feel free to check out the locations listed on our service areas.

We Have the Style:  Prom is all about the surprise, the style and elegance of its participants. Thrill your friends when you come to prom in a style that has never before been seen. We will combine the right drivers, colors and cars to give you the sensation you have always dreamed of. If this is what prom is all about, then it is what we are all about.

How We Make Your Prom Night Memorable

On your prom night, we put a lot of mechanisms in place to make sure you get the best treatment obtainable. We bring you this service in the following steps:

  • You choose your favourite limo after going through our fleet page
  • Go through our FAQ page as we have valuable information regarding the prom night for young people.
  • Call us for booking or reservations
  • Wait for us to pick you up on the prom night. Sorry, we wait for you to get ready for pick up on the appointed night.

From experience, we can tell you that the classier the entrance the more memorable the prom will be. Again, we know that most teens who attend proms want to be the center of attraction. What better way to get people talking than to arrive in a limo they never thought you could afford? We make ours very affordable anyway. That is why as soon as we arrive at the venue, the well uniformed chauffeur who drives you there steps out, opens the door, and gives you a corresponding salutation as your alight. That way, you get your celebrity entrance, which is definitely going to get your peers talking.

Last, but not least, our pleasant drivers will gladly answer your questions you may have. Since they had equally enjoyed prom when they were once students like you, they can help you out with some cool prom tips if you chat them up.

Do not get told about our services, be the one to tell others about them. Contact us for through any of the communications channels on our contact page, for more information. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our limo service please call 407-442-2777 or 1-800-617-9590 our customer care attendant will answer all your questions politely. But do well to check out our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.

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