Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Knowing that you need answers to your questions about services we render at OAL Inc., we have prepared all likely questions and corresponding answer to help your query. Skim through as you search for the question that’s most similar to yours, but if you don’t find it, call us for more information.

1When should I book my limo transportation?
When it comes to such bookings, the earlier you book the better for you. You should make your limousine transportation reservation the moment you book an air ticket. From our experience, and for convenience sake, customers who intend to visit Port Canaveral, Universal Studios and Disney World are better of booking limo services in Orlando as soon as they purchase an air ticket. This will avoid rush and stress especially when done 24 to 48 hours ahead of time.
2What should we do since we will need a driver to wait for us as we go for a dinner or sightseeing?
The best thing to do is to hire your chosen car or limo at a special hourly rate. With this package, the driver waits for you by the car or sticks by your side – depending on your choice.
3What popular attractions should I watch out for in Orlando?
Once you touch town, consider visiting Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Universal studios, Orlando eye, Gatorland Orlando, wonderWorks, Chocolate Kingdom, Crayola Experience and more. You can also engage any of our drivers in a little chat and he will give you more ideas on where to visit. Ultimately, you can always Google more interesting locations in Orlando.
4What airport is closest to Disney world, universal studios & port canaveral?

The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is main airport in Orlando where all the major airline and international flights fly in and out to.

Typically, it takes less than 30-35 minutes to drive to disney world depending on which resort you are staying.

There is another airport which service the sanford area it’s called Orlando Sanford international airport (SFB). But only one airline Allegiant airways(G4) fly in and out of that airport.

This airport is approximately 58.5 miles from disney world & 36.5 miles to universal studios and about 65.2miles to port canaveral cruise terminal.

5What is the distance between orlando airport/disney world/universal studios to port canaveral cruise terminals?

Orlando international airport (MCO) to port canaveral cruise terminal about 46.1 miles.

Disney world area resorts to port canaveral cruise terminal between 60 miles to 66 miles.

Universal studios to port canaveral cruise terminal approximately 59 miles.

6What’s the best time to arrive Orlando International without being late for the cruise?
Anything between 8am and 12pm is ok. However, if you arrive around 1:00 pm, You can still be at the port canaveral cruise terminal by 2pm(But it’s not recommended to get there that late as you would have more chances on missing your cruise).That is why a lot of cruisers fly into orlando a day before their cruise and stay either by the orlando airport hotel or at the cocoa beach/cape canaveral area hotel.
7What transportation will be best for us?
You need to choose a car or limo that can comfortably accommodate your family or crew. To have an idea, check out our Fleet Page.
8Will I be charged for stops not covered in the original deal?

Yes, there is a $25.00 extra charge for each extra stop/pick up that you would like use to do while you are using our service by transfer rate. On hourly booking there is no extra charge for extra stops.

Also with airport arrival we do offer a 15/20 minute complimentary stop by publix super market on your way to disney, universal or port canaveral cruise with round trip transportation booking.

9What kind of drinks are in your limos, and can we bring our drinks?
Basically, we have various cold soft drinks and water in our limos since each region in the US has various laws on alcoholic drinks and liquor in general You need not worry about this if you have concerns about such drinks as champagne, Hennessey and the likes. Our chauffeur can easily stop on the way so you can pick up your favorite drinks. With respect to your choice of drinks, we usually leave the champagne buckets and coolers empty so that you can accommodate as much beer and wine as you want. You can also bring your own drink if you would like and there is no extra charge.
10Why are there hourly minimums?

From experience, we have put hourly minimums in place to curtail possible losses or disappointments on both sides. For the sake of clarity, this is what our hour minimum entails:

  • For weekend evenings, hourlies come in really handy. It will cost us in terms of cash and time to make our limos available on short time since we would miss out on the opportunity to productively engage our limos for other uses.  From experience, we have learnt that its costs a fortune to maintain limos especially after use by weekend clubbers and what not. To this end, we have put the 4 hour minimum rule in place; and this is industry standard.
  • We neither want to keep our drivers late out without payment nor compromise the services we render you from time to time. That is why we have an hourly minimum of 4 hours in place for our weekday evenings. But this has its benefits. For instance, we could pick and drop you off at 5pm and 11pm respectively and charge you for just 4 hours.
  • For daytime, we offer only transfers and this depends on the availability of vehicles. We may offer round trip for major sporting events but here are terms to this. Inasmuch as daytime transfers carry a fixed rate, they can be charged like hourlies and in real time, if we have to wait for a long time, but this hourly will be a minimum of 3 hours.
11If we decide to cancel our reservation, will there be charges?

This depends on the type of reservation made. For some of our services, such as for the airport sedan and stretch limo for Orlando airport transport, we do not charge anything. Feel free to cancel anytime up to exactly 24 hours of expected time. It is however different for a couple of the other services as you can read below:

  • For weekday hourlies, we need 48 hours notice; though we may accept a 24-hour notice on discretion.
  • For weekends, we need one week (7 days) notice so that we can have enough time to rebook the vehicle. If you cancel in less than 7 days, we will charge you extra hourly minimums of not more than 4 hours, unless we are able to rebook the vehicle. 
12Since we are ordering on hourly bases, will our chauffeur always be with us?
Our drivers stay with you at all times. However, they may have to park some distance from your venue due to the rules of the region or traffic problems. However, you can always reach them through their cell phones, and they will show up as soon as they are needed.
13Are personal belongings allowed in the car when we are not using it?
You can leave your belongings in our cars when you purchase hourly packages, and for the duration you have purchased. But for fixed transportation - such as from Orlando Airport to your hotel – we expect you to pick up your belongings immediately. Sometimes, we may help you keep your items for some extra minutes but this must be if the driver agrees to give you the privilege.
14Can I reserve a limo? How do I go about that?
If you want to make limousine reservations ahead of an itinerary, simply provide us with information about your journey. Then you need to provide a credit card which will indicate financial commitment from you.
15Is there time limit attached to hourly booking?
No. Book our limos for as long as you want.
16What should we know since we are under 18 years of age?

If it’s a prom booking that you are planning on, expect some of your peers to back out when it comes to paying the bills. So ensure every member of your crew pays ahead of time if you don’t want to get disappointed.

Alcohol is still not allowed; the law, and police say so. If caught in the act, it’s game over for your prom.

Endeavour to get the best deals possible. We have various packages which mean that you will get the best prom limousine from us, but do not make irrelevant expenses on other things too. If your budget is on the low side, consider using moderate restaurants that have decent food and pricing.

17What should we know since we are doing a wedding?

We have various kinds of wedding limos which you can use on this special day. But then, you would have to go through our fleet to see if we have your favorite colors. If we don’t have them – as most time white limos are in short supply - we could help you with more information on getting them or offer you alternative options. It is also important you know that white limos are quite rare to get during festivities especially the wedding seasons. As a result, they are very expensive to book when found.

In summary, the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the groom and groomsmen will need to be transported to the church in succession. This is just what we do. If the wedding reception will take place in another venue, we will stand by to pick up the party after the wedding and drop off at the reception venue. If limos cannot accommodate selected attendees, you can rely on our OAL Inc., minibuses will suffice.

When the wedding reception comes to an end, a Limo of appropriate carrying capacity arrives to take the bride and groom to their choice hotel since honeymoon has practically commenced. The morning after, one of our chauffeurs arrive at the hotel, and drive the new couple to the airport from where their journey to their honeymoon destination begins.

18Can you explain everything I need to know about pricing to me? Including “All-inclusive” packages?

Simply put, this is what you should know about our pricing. There are NO hidden charges! What you see on our pricing page is what you pay and NOTHING else. OAL Inc., we take honesty very seriously!

It is understandable that you may tip the limo driver when he goes the extra mile in giving you the satisfaction and comfort you desire. But know that this is not obligatory. Our drivers discharge their duties efficiently because we pay them handsomely enough. So award gratuities only if you please and if you are comfortable with it.

By all all-inclusive, we have simply estimated what it will cost to receive you, take you around Orlando or wherever your destination may be, and get you back to where we picked you from. If you have a better idea of your activities and itinerary in Orlando, you may make only the appropriate reservations. Other than this, you may consider the all-inclusive option especially if budget is not an issue for you.

19Can I know the difference between licensed and non-licensed limousine service?

There is no special difference between licensed and non-licensed limo service operators than the one you may have already thought up. While some companies have been licensed to operate in their chosen locality, some others do not. A licensed company is safe to patronize because they have met all the safety requirements such as employing qualified drivers who don’t carry any DUI charge; using vehicles that are in good working conditions, and obeying industry standards and regulations.

Generally, you are safer in the hands of a recognized company that you would be in the hands of some individual(s) who could put your life at risk. But the good news here is that we are a fully licensed limousine service company in Orlando and permitted by GOAA(Greater orlando aviation authority) to pick up and drop off at Orlando airport (MCO), by Port canaveral Authority to pick up/drop off passenger from all cruise terminals, City of Orlando to operate in the city of orlando and surrounding areas, as well as at Orlando sanford international airport (SFB). With memberships of the Greater Orlando Limousine Association and National Limousine Association, you need not look further for professional limousine chauffeurs in Orlando.

20My question is not on your FAQ list. What do I do?
Certainly, we can neither cover all possible queries on this page nor know the question you have in mind. If you cannot find your question here, simply contact any OAL Inc. customer care agent by calling 407-442-2777 or 1-800-617-9590 or e-mailing us at: info@orlandoairportlimousine.com. You can also reach us through any of the channels on our Contact page.