Orlando Sanford International Airport Transportation

Do you intend to visit Orlando any time soon through the Orlando Sanford International Airport? If yes, you will need OAL Inc. ground transport services. As one of Florida’s busiest airports, nearly 3,000,000 passengers arrive or depart from it every year and that number is on the constant increase. Many of the patrons of this airport choose our services since we have been associated with quality transport to and from this airport. Keep in mind as of now there is only 1 airline fly in and out of SFB and that is Allegiant air.

Why You Need Our Airport Transportation

There are two options open to you when it comes to finding your way to your destination when you arrive at SFB: Private transportation and public transportation. If you decide to go with private transportation, there are several reasons to go with OAL Inc. We know the Sanfield Airport inside-out. Our drivers have plied every major route around this airport for several years and have mastered the best methods to give you a wonderful experience. Other reasons you need our luxury limo transfers are as follows:

We Give You Comfort: Whether you have endured a long hectic trip from another country to Orlando or you just flew in from a nearby state, we believe you deserve some extra comfort in one of our limos as we take you to your destination. Usually, OAL Inc. chauffeurs stand by for your descent, with a placard which has your name on it. As soon as they identify you, they greet you politely before handling your baggage. On reaching your vehicle of choice, they open the door for you too; then the drive to your destination begins.

We Save Your Time: Many travellers have been stood up by transport companies at the airport in the past, many still get stood up from time ti time. However, there are a few companies that would rather arrive too early than too late for their customers. We at OAL Inc. are glad to be one such company.  We usually arrive the airport’s terminals 15 to 20 minutes before your arrival as we hope to make your transport instant. The bottom-line is: you do not have to, and will not wait one minute for us.

We Are Professional: This simply means we know the rules of the business and the standards too. As a duly registered private transport company in Orlando, we play by the rules of industry. By choosing us, you have chosen to give yourself an amazing treat.

We Serve You Your Way: We understand that no two humans have the exact same preferences in every area of their lives, that is why we have created as much variety as possible such that any and everybody will enjoy our services. We will let you choose the kind of vehicle you want, the color of the vehicle, the pick-up time and more. With us, everything is customized to your taste. An example of an order you can place is this: a white hummer limousine transportation to Universal Studios by 3:00 pm on Friday.

We Go The Distance: Gone are the days when a traveller had to use multiple transports to multiple locations on arrival via the Sanfield Airport. Today, and with OAL Inc., you can easily find your way to any destination in just one simple booking. We have special limo packages such as for transportation from:

  • Sanford International Airport (SFB) to Sanford area
  • SFB to Port Canaveral
  • SFB to Disneyworld
  • SFB to Universal Studios
  • SFB to Lake Mary
  • SFB to Daytona
  • SFB to Palm Coast
  • SFB to Deland
  • SFB to Oviedo
  • SFB to Casselberry
  • SFB to Winter Springs
  • SFB to Heathrow

You can even place orders for multiple destinations such as from Sanford Airport to Heathrow to Lake Mary and back to your hotel room. Simply discuss your itinerary with any of our customer care agents before you place your order.

How It Works

We will transport you to and from the airport in the following simple steps:

  • Select a vehicle from our fleet of cars. See our Fleet Page
  • See the Pricing Page to know what it will cost
  • Call us for more inquiries
  • Make a reservation online and pay
  • Arrive the airport if you are visiting (and we will pick things up from there) or we come for you at your doorstep (If you will be riding to the airport)

This service is available to anyone or group of people looking to get to or away from the Orlando Airport via private limousine transport. So don't get told about OAL Inc.'s services, be the one to tell others about them. Contact us for through any of the communications channels on our contact page, for more information. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our limo service please call 407-442-2777 or 1-800-617-9590 our customer care attendant will answer all your questions politely. But do well to check out our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.

Online Reservations or Call Toll-Free

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