Port Canaveral Transportation

For two decades now, OAL Inc. has remained top choice of many tourists looking to catch unlimited fun even as they journey the popular Port Canaveral. Together with Disneyworld and Universal Studios, this port is the most popular attraction in Orlando. At the port, both vacationers and cruise lines get the thrill of a lifetime when they step foot on any of the magnificent water vessels. Little wonder it is the ultimate destination of millions of visitors every year. you could book from 3nights to 14 nights cruise from port canaveral cruise terminal.

Did you know that there are more recreational facilities in Port Canaveral than what is obtainable in every other port combined? Did you also know that the port has very advanced terminals through which you can board any of the  cruise ship? Did you also know that you can join ships as they cruise to the Caribbean and the Bahamas? Sure there is a whole lot you can enjoy in this amazing port but it all starts with getting there first.

It may interest you to know that not everyone who visits or tries to get to this port enjoys a pleasurable experience. Every year, many visitors looking to be part of the cruise miss out when they choose the wrong private transport company. Some of the most popular occurrences which give them bad experiences, that you must consider before making your choice include:

  • Late arrival of the chauffeur that is supposed to pick them up
  • Poor communication between chauffeur and customer.
  • Inadequate knowledge of the route to the port or use of long routes which waste time and get the customer exhausted.
  • Breakdown of the chosen vehicle en route to the port
  • Poor driving or driving under the influence of substance etc

Do you hope to experience any of these unpleasant experiences as you journey to the port? No doubt you want the best possible experience for your trip, and that is what we have in mind when we have you on board. For us, we focus majorly on your safety, then early arrival. Gratefully, OAL Inc. has never had any reason to frustrate their customers in the last dozen years or more.

Benefits of Our Port Canaveral Transportation

There are many companies in Orlando that can help you get to Port Canaveral. This is very true. But what is not true is that all of these companies will give you the best experience. We leave the choice of who is best to customer reviews but here is what you get when you use our services:

Never Miss Your Cruise: This is our priority. From experience in the business, we have learnt that the number spoiler of all trips to the port is late arrival. To keep this setback at bay, we ensure our vehicles are in the best possible form and our drivers arrive early to pick you up. When you cooperate with us, you will get a guaranteed early trip to Port Canaveral

Get VIP Treatment: Although we are always time conscious when we are headed to the port, we also know how important it is that you get treated to the grandest luxury available. From well-conditioned sits to cold drinks quench your thirst to TV screens that keep your mind of the long drive, we have all it takes to give even the most demanding of our customers a royal trip to the port.

Get Both Quality and Affordability: Most companies will skin you alive with price for the quality they offer you. But does it have to be so? Hardly! At Orlando Airport Limousine, we believe you deserve and should get highest quality at the lowest possible rate. Compare our rates with other companies in the business and the difference will glare even more.

How You Can Enjoy Our Services

To join the league of happy customers who have used our Port Canaveral services, you can do so in the following steps:

  • Pick a vehicle of your choice from the collection on our Fleet Page
  • Check our Pricing Page to find the package that suits you best.
  • Read through our FAQ page for more information concerning our Port Canaveral transportation services.
  • Contact us for further clarification if need be.
  • Make your reservations.
  • On the appointed day and time, we pick you up as early as possible.

It is very easy to use our services as you have already seen. So what is left is to take action now. Don’t get told about our services, be the one to tell others about them. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our limo service please call 407-442-2777 or 1-800-617-9590 our customer care attendant will answer all your questions politely. But do well to check out our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.

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