How a stunning car makes a positive impression on business tours?

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We’ve been hearing the famous line, “Your first impression is the last impression”, since we were little. This soon became a rule to live by, and rightly so, as a perception is made within seconds and tends to stick by.

The universal fact is fairly important to keep in mind, especially for businessmen and women. CEOs work tirelessly the whole time to strengthen their business and ties with their partners and customers. But when it comes to meeting new clients, a negative impact can be a huge setback.

That’s why charisma is any business-oriented person’s strongest suit. Charisma is not only reflected in the clothes you wear or the tone you speak with, but it can also be seen in the car you arrive in.

That’s why you should always arrive in a car perfect with your corporate attire, as it contributes to the success of your company.

But before we get into the ways a stunning car makes an impression, let’s look at factors which make cars ideal for corporate tours:

  1. The car should have a neutral paint-job. If it is too bright, printed or vibrant, it won’t suit your formal attire.
  2. Your car shouldn’t be a 2-door Porsche. Instead, a 4-6 door luxury sedan or Sprinter van is ideal.
  3. Don’t show up in an old, junk car that creates engine noises. Picking a sleek, sumptuous ride is the go-to way!
  4. Make sure the car is clean and not scratched or missing an important part!

Here’s how a gorgeous car can make a solid impression:


A luxurious car isn’t everything. The main point that makes anyone stand out is the punctuality.

With newer cars, there is better speed, controls and gears that make sure you reach your destination on time, even if you were running late! Latest cars also feature built-in GPS system, which helps with navigation if you’re new in town. 

Perfect Features:

A simple town car just won’t cut it when it comes to advanced features, unless you’re just doing a one-on-one client meeting. When visiting a company or board of directors, or when travelling with a team, you should always opt for a sprinter van or luxury sedan.

These cars have air conditioners, charging ports, on-board wifi and everything you need to keep progressing in your work.

Classy Look:

Finally, a stunning car will not cease to impress any future client. When the exterior look matches your overall attire, it greatly boosts positive impressions. A classier car also make you stand out from other people who arrive at the meeting.

Orlando Airport Limousine’s Corporate Travel Package:

Orlando, FL is one of the busiest metropolitan cities in all of U.S. Besides entertainment, there are many corporate companies based here. So naturally, it has many great opportunities it provides to businessmen and women.

If you’re in Florida for corporate affairs, then Orlando Airport Limo’s Corporate Transportation Service is perfect for you. OAL possesses a large fleet of elegant and classy business cars like the Sprinter Van, Escalade SUV and Transit Van at cheap rates. The cars have everything you need, from entertainment features to comfortable, luxurious leather interior. 

The Corporate Package also comes with expert chauffeurs who are familiar with every route of Orlando, making sure that navigation issues never arise. 

Who needs this package?

  1. People who don’t have sumptuous cars but want to be treated like wealthy corporate executives.
  2. People who don’t want to waste time on unsatisfactory public transport.
  3. People who are new to Orlando and have never visited the area before.
  4. People who don’t own a vehicle to accommodate more than a few persons.
  5. People who haven’t arranged a vehicle for daily transport yet.

If you feel like you fit in any of these categories, reserve a ride today!

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