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Orlando Airport Limousine (OAL) is one of the biggest limo rental services in Florida. We now have everything from luxury cars to undeniably hardworking drivers. But behind all success is an ambition and some humble steps. 

Here are 10 facts about OAL’s humble beginnings.

When It All Started:

Orlando Airport Limousine was found around 20 years ago, with a small setup and a big ambition. The goal was provision of comfortable rides across the city, making sure we deliver every step of the way.

Over the course of two decades and countless rides later, we have grown to become one of the more frequently booked limousine services.

Getting Licensed:

OAL is proud to claim that we were one of the early, fully-licensed limousine services. We are certified from GOAA (Greater Orlando Aviation Authority) and National Limousine Association.

Our license is a proof of our trustworthiness and dedication. With us being a recognized company, there is a zero-percent chance of unprofessionalism or recklessness.

Aiming For Budget-Friendly Prices:

Our goal was not only to establish a successful limousine service, but to give our best in the cheapest rates possible. 

Our fleet is one of the least costly as compared to other limo rental services in Orlando, with better car features and services. With rates starting at just under $60, we continue to serve at the lowest limo rates.

Non-Discriminatory Service:

Since our establishment 20 years ago, we have stood out among other companies because of our non-discriminatory service.

When you’re our passenger, your security is our priority. We strive to give top-notch service regardless of your social class or affiliations, and nothing less!

Latest and Extensive Fleet:

With our small setup, we didn’t have hundreds of cars in tens of models. But as time went on, and innovations in aviation were made, our fleet was updated.

Today, we have 15+ models in our wide range of cars, with different colors and leather interior. 

Our cars have been revamped or newly built; with all important features like on-board wifi, GPS system and chilled air-conditioners.

Introduction of Service Packages:

 limousine service

For our special customers, including couples, prom-goers, corporate owners, tourists and party-goers, we introduced service packages. 

These cover the popular tourism spots across Orlando and Florida in general. They also make booking easy, organized and affirmative.

Covering Florida:

Like we mentioned before, our roots are based in Orlando. But with so much time gone by, we have spread our brilliant service around Florida.

Since Florida is represented by beaches, theme parks and wedding locations, we have reached almost every notable place there is to visit. Our expert chauffeurs are also great at navigating and giving a tour of the marvelous state.

Booking Made Easier:

Originally, we were booked by visits to our company, or through calling. But with change in time, internet became a common bridge.

Today, you can book our rides in three ways that include calling, emailing and messaging on our user-friendly website that boasts a simple yet efficacious design.

Top-Notch Customer Service:

We have always cared for our consumer’s experience; from car security to punctuality and maintenance of our dazzling cats.

We believe in customer service being an integral part of any rental company. That’s why we have a line of customer service representatives who work tirelessly to resolve any issues and answer further queries.

Serving Thousands:

With all the progress mentioned above, these two decades have been hectic but successful. We have served thousands of satisfied customers who left great reviews behind, and made memories with our expert service.

Final Words:

The journey to where we stand today has been a long one, with many positive highlights compared to less mistakes. 

Today, we have a large fleet of cars, expert chauffeurs and services that cater to the wonderful customers of Orlando Airport Limousine. 

But we should never forget our humble beginnings, because they represent our will to move forward.

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