Why Choose Our Limo Service When Visiting Walt Disney World?

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Walt Disney World is the most popular and prominent tourist attraction in all of Orlando, and rightly so. With its magical castles, wonderful rides, unbelievably realistic props and bustling shopping spots, the place is heaven for kids, teens and nostalgic adults alike.

A brief tour of Disney World:

Walt Disney World has four fantastic and iconic themed regions. The Magic Kingdom is the biggest, most prominent one, with Cinderella’s castle as a center of attraction.

Following this is Hollywood Studios, which is a super fun visual effects park that also has a movie magic film screen. The Animal Kingdom is another marvelous park where children can interact with lovely species of African animals running wild!

Finally, the Epcot’s park displays a Future World and World Showcase with characters from all races, from Mulan to Aladdin. Besides these brilliant parks are shopping centers, restaurants, rides, and theatres that add to a wholesome experience!

The best way to get around!

Undoubtedly, the best way to get around Disney World and it’s resorts is booking a limousine. With low rates, reliability and comfort, we have served hundreds of happy Disney World goers!

Feeling skeptical about booking a limousine? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a compilation of potential reasons to book a limo when touring Disney World!

Easy and Comfortable:

The main reason why you should opt for a limo service is the ease it provides. You won’t have to wait for a cab, as the car will arrive with punctuality.

Limousines, SUVs and Sedans are also superior in terms of comfort, featuring incredible leather interior and plush seats that make any long trip worth it!

Limo rentals also make travelling back and forth between the resorts and theme parks easier. With a sumptuous car booked in advance, you will never be missing out on luxury.

Effortlessly Stylish:

A regular town cab can never impress as much as a Limousine!

Perhaps you’re on a Disney World date, aiming to propose to someone or just feeling fancy. Whatever the case, a ride as dazzling as a limousine surely never ceases to amaze!

All sedans, SUVs, stretch limos and vans have a solid color exterior, with a shiny look and a classy feel. Decorative lighting, chilled A/Cs and refreshments also add icing to the cake. A limousine is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to turn heads around!

On-The-Go Entertainment:

We understand that travelling for hours on a plane, arriving at the airport and riding in a vehicle for a decent amount of time can be tiresome and boring.

Especially, if you’re in a cab, there isn’t much to do after you drain the phone’s battery. That’s why we recommend booking a limousine.

Luxury cars have onboard wifi, charging ports, audio systems and TV screens, sometimes even video games, making sure you’re never even slightly board.

Luggage Space:

If you’re travelling with family, chances are that an online taxi or a simple town cab won’t have the space to fit and hold your luggage.

Luckily, the ideal solution to this problem is booking a Limousine. Many limo rentals offer cars that have some luggage space for couples, while others offer vehicles like the Ford Transit Van, which has plenty of space for seating passengers with their luggage.

Car Options:

Lastly, there are a number of popular car model options to pick from when it comes to ride reservation. This greatly helps the audience find a car that matches their style! 

Perhaps you’re looking for a small car to get around town, a large van for your cheerful family, a stretch limo for extravaganza or a classy SUV for parties. Whatever you decide on, a good limo rental will have the car arrived in no time!

Orlando Airport Limo’s Disney World Transportation:

If you’re looking for a top-notch, high-quality ride to help you stay entertained but organized, Orlando Airport Limousine is the best bet!

With tens of cars in our fleet, affordable rates and unmatchable luxury, we excel in nearly every aspect. Our cars have amazing refreshments, joyful entertainment and gorgeous looks. Our chauffeurs are well-skilled and know every route in Disney World too!

Orlando Airport Limousine also offers a Disney World Transportation package, starting at the minimum fare of only $70/hour!
So don’t wait or put plans on hold, book a ride with us and enjoy the most luxurious ride ever!

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