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August 6, 2019
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August 6, 2019

We all dream of enjoying jaunts in luxurious cars, with the fanciest features to our benefit. Whether you’re on tour, going to a major gala or simply spending the night out, cruising along in an elegant yet extravagant car makes the memories even more wonderful.

But many people end up using a basic cab or public transport, mainly due to their budget restrictions. After spending a decent sum of cash on restaurants, attire or souvenirs, there isn’t much left to pay for a sumptuous car.

One other reason for people finding contentment in mediocre rides is the cost of a luxury car. Many rental services charge hefty amounts per hour, which nobody wants to squander on.

But there are some extremely affordable and easy-to-book limo rental services out there, that top every town cab when it comes to cheap fares. One fine example is Orlando Airport Limousine.

About Orlando Airport Limousine:

We based our incredible service right here in Orlando, around 20 years ago. It has been our continuous goal to provide the best, non-discriminatory luxury service at fair prices. Achieving the contentment of all our customers has been our ambition since day one!

Here’s how we’ve made our service affordable and accessible to everyone!

Through Discounted Packages:

It’s common knowledge that Florida is a top vacationing state. This magical land has everything from sunny beaches and water parks to mesmerizing nightlife and theme parks.

Keeping this in mind, Orlando Airport Limousine offers special service packages with discounted rates on popular tourist destinations like Port Canaveral, Disneyland and Universal Studios!

We also offer discounted packages for big events like Wedding and Prom, making sure your memories become even more amazing!

Through Extra Little Features:

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what makes us stand out from the hundreds of limo rentals. And what better way to care for passengers than giving them little surprises!

Our limos have plenty of extra little features, from on-board wifi to decorative lighting, powered mirrors and heated/cooled seats. The cars also carry refreshments like drinks and sodas.

These small qualities are free of cost, meaning you get the full luxurious experience at a fairly low rate.

Through Easy Booking:

Money isn’t the only valuable treasure. Saving time on simple tasks is equally important.

Orlando Airport Limousine follows an easy booking process which you can do in three ways; by calling us at 1-800-617-9590, emailing or reserving online. With our website promoting a user-friendly and uncomplicated interface, it’s extremely simple and quick to book a luxurious ride with us!

Through Low-Pricing on Sumptuous Limousines:

If you plan on making a magnificent entrance to a huge event, but are restricted under a budget, don’t get worried!

Our Stretch Limousines charge low fares, beginning at just $75/hour! Even with a little pricing, they carry class and grace to their favor.

The cars also have a leather interior, spacious seating, decorative lighting, refreshments and touch-screen entertainment, making them ideal for weddings, proms and bachelorette parties!

Through Little Fares on Large Coaches:

Planning a large school trip or family picnic requires a lot of time and money, especially in making food arrangements and venue bookings.

We understand how hectic it can be to execute your plan perfectly. That’s why we share some of your burden by giving the most economical, safe and comfortable transportation.

Our luxury coaches have the capacity to fit 50 passengers, with our minibuses easily seating upto 30 people. Our large coach, an optimal pick for huge groups, costs just $115/hour, saving you cash on transportation!

Through Economical Town Cars:

Lastly, we have earned the title of affordability due to our basic yet elegant town cars. 

These are super popular because of their compact and cozy size, their outstanding looks and effortless navigation. Our town cars are very economical, starting at the measly rate of $59/hour!

MKT Town Car, Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes S550 are great options for a single person or a couple going about their day in the bustling city!
Why search elsewhere? Get a rate today and book the most extravagant ride!

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