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September 6, 2018
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Today we are living in a world, which is moving very fast. Every individual is willing to run faster than the other and reach his goals in the first place. In this race to be the best. We often forget to live the little moments to the fullest.

Traveling is something we plan to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. That is not the case every time, some air travels are planned for a business purpose, or for office meetings too. Whatever is the case we go to a different place and spend a good time relaxing there. The flight might be long and you may be tired and suffering from jet lag. When you reach your homeland, you try not to be stuck in the chaos at the airport. That is too disgusting at times. For a ride back home, you may choose a limousine or the airport shuttles that are easily available.


To clear the concepts, limo service, short for limousine service is a private luxury car service that picks and drops you to and from the airport

The shuttle service is a public transport service, includes a shuttle bus that carries a group of people heading towards the same direction. Sometimes these people have different stops too.

In this article, I shall compare the services provided by a limo and airport shuttle. In addition, I would discuss the reason why people prefer limo vs airport shuttle service and vice versa,

LIMO SERVICE VS AIRPORT SHUTTLEMaking a decision that fulfills your needs and satisfies your requirements is a challenging task. Choosing a limousine is only practical when you want to get rid of the stress that is haunting you because of travel sickness. If you plan to book a limo to the airport or from the airport to your destination, it is a more comfortable option compared to the shuttle service. You get a pleasant environment at a set fare; limos have a fixed price for different locations so you know your fare beforehand. On the other hand, shuttle services are a less comfortable option. The other thing is that they calculate fare by starting the meter, which may vary from the amount you supposed.

Booking a limousine for your transportation also saves your precious time and energy. If you go for a shuttleservice, you would have to pay for the parking fees, as well as wait for a long time until the service arrives. In caseof a limo, you are worry-free as your car is waiting for you at the designated spot and does not charge extra for parking and waiting.

The biggest worry for anyone who is traveling is that he reaches the airport on times and does not miss the flight due to any reason what so ever. Limousine services are the best choice for business people and travelers who like to go to the airport not compromising on their luxury and comfort. The limo drivers are trained to pick you up and drop you at the airport the correct time. They also wait for a situation when your flights are delayed. In this case, they drop you to your destination again ensuring that you and your luggage is safe and secure. If you choose a shuttle service, they are not responsible for waiting after they have dropped you at the airport. So again, limos are better in this aspect too.

The biggest problem one faces while using the shuttle service is that many other people are on the bus too. You feel a lack of privacy. Especially for businessperson, shuttle service is not suitable as they have to make and attend calls during their ride. The constant chattering of the people makes it impossible to make understand the other person on the call and is disturbing for such professional people.

The limo service suits them as it consists of some space between the chauffeur and the customer. The customer can, therefore, make private calls and enjoy the ride without any interference and unpleasing sounds that may interrupt with their mental peace.

The limo service sometimes offers a free Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, the traveler can send and receive emails while they are on the way to or from the airport. One can also finalize an important presentation and add some details in it if needed. All you need for these tasks is some privacy and enough resources, We believe that ‘time is money’, so if you intend to save your time and get your work done even when you are traveling it is better to use a limo service instead of a shuttle service.

However, there are different situations too. If you have traveled with your family and relatives, or plan to do so and there is a large group of people you know, then a shuttle service is suitable for you. You will have a friendly environment back home, or to the airport. This way you can have fun and enjoy the ride. In this situation, booking a limousine for every other group of people would be an expensive option. So use a shuttle service to accommodate a large group of travelers.

This rule also implements for people who are social and love to be surrounded by people. You can choose a shuttle service if you fall under this category. If you plan to book a limo you would end up being bored and the sophisticated ride will not suit you if you are loquacious.

To sum up, I believe that both the limousine service and shuttle service are amazing in their own ways. Choosing any one over the other totally depends on your personality and perception. If you are a businessperson, the limousine service is right for you, as it will provide you with the class you wish to have and will provide you a smooth ride throughout

For someone who is a social butterfly and not interested in showing class through the means of transport used to or from the airport. The shuttle service is for all such people.

Keep your requirements in mind and be sure whether you want to reserve a limo service or an airport shuttle to reach the airport for your next flight and to come back home after your trip ends.

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