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Weddings are supposed to be treated as a lifetime experience. When it comes on planning them, there are millions of things at one needs to do. Everyone in the family has their own responsibility. The bride and groom have to do multiple things before the wedding, which are:

  • Choosing a location
  • Setting a date
  • Buying clothes for the special days.
  • Inviting people
  • Planning the décor
  • Finalising the food
  • Creating a plan for that day
  • Moreover, many more un countable things to do.

During the passage of time, they have to book a transporter to drive them either to the venue or anything. So when it comes to the option of choosing what sort of transportation one needs. People choose cars or limos. It is the most important thing for them buy why though.

Well, firstly you have to make sure the car you are in does not bother you during your special day by getting bad. I mean the last thing to face is breakdown on your wedding day?

You need to make sure you fit in the car. By that, we meant that your dress is big and you do not want to feel un comfortable while riding with your loved one.

While choosing a company, you have to make sure they are reliable and would come on time, with the best quality of the car.

You need a trained chauffer on that day. As you wont be the one driving, so that you can enjoy the time in the car.

Some cars have champagne or food kept, so you can enjoy during the ride.

When it is a lifetime experience, you will be making sure that every bit of your wedding is perfect then why should not your ride be. You will make sure you make a deal with a company that offers you the best services gives you a beautiful car and trained chauffer to feel amazing on that day.

What is so great about a limousine?

Well according to us, every couple wants to feel special on this day and limousine are one of the stylish and classic options.

In every city, there are many companies. Every company is competitive to each other so they make sure to give you the best of their services.

Service provided by companies?

Talking about a general circumstance, every company makes sure to give you these services so that you ride in comfort and are happy with them. The types of services they offer are:

Every service includes that Bride and Bridesmaids pick up and drop off at wedding ceremony. Which obviously compulsory.

However, there are different services that are provided other than that. For instance:

  1. In the process of getting married you might be in a separate house than the Groom so, you might have to book separate limos to get the Groom and Groomsmen picked up and dropped off at wedding ceremony. Alternatively, you can handle the situation in a way that the groom is dropped first and then you and your bride’s maid can be picked and dropped of the location.
  2. You might have your wedding ceremony and reception in different places, the limo service is also provided during that time. Both the Groom and The bride’s maid can be picked up from the ceremony and are dropped the reception.
  3. On the other hand, not having different place for the two things, you both can be pickedfrom the reception and can be dropped to your final destination.
  4. Another service is that you can get the limo service for the wedding party from the reception to your final destination
  5. Out of everything, you are able to get the transportation for your out-of-town guests to, from the airport, and on the wedding day. Isn’t that amazing? And a limo with so much space can carry more than eight people can make it easier for you.

However, all of this is depended on how the booking you have done. Before booking, there are some things to decide and those are:

  1. How many hours do you want the limo service for?
  2. How many trips do you want to take?
  3. What sort of a limo you want?
  4. And what colour do you want it to be?

Every company has different types of limos. Some may offer the variety and some may not

Other than these services, the limo company provides these services during that time it is there

  • The chauffer arrives 30 minutes before the actual time
  • There is a red carpet service
  • Non alcohol drinks are provided by them
  • You have a sign at the back of your limo, which either says “getting married” or “just married”
  • The chauffer would help you in carrying anything to the car, or from the car.
  • Chauffer’s are also given an emergency box, which might include sewing kit, fresh mint or a gum.

All these services vary from one company to another. Though after reading this, don’t you think this fun and these services can make your day? To get information that is more detailed you should visit the companies that are offering such services. Hope this articles helps you out for you special day.

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