What Difference Does an Expert Chauffeur Make?

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August 8, 2019
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September 6, 2019

It’s common knowledge that chauffeurs are the main representatives of a luxury rental service. A trained chauffeur positively impacts customer satisfaction and the overall growth of a company.

The Difference between a Driver and a Chauffeur:

Generally, people are used to confusing between a driver and a chauffeur and don’t take notice of major differences, which can affect your contentment towards rental services.

A driver is someone who can handle a car, pick you up and drop you off at the destination. A regular driver doesn’t have much training and doesn’t make different stops or fetch your items on the trip. A service from the driver is quite rudimentary and simple.

A chauffeur, on the other hand, has great control over car motions, is punctual and makes sure you get a luxurious experience. A trained chauffeur can make as many stops without navigation issues, and grab your goods on-the-go. They cater to all of your needs. In short, a service from a chauffeur is luxurious, personalized and professional!

Here’s how trained chauffeurs can raise the bar when it comes to incredible limousine service!

Impress with Swift Driving Skills:

The significant factor that separates an adept chauffeur from a naive one is the driving style.

While all chauffeurs have different approaches when it comes to leading a limousine to its destination, all of them should show swiftness, caution towards traffic and expert driving and steering skills.

A trained chauffeur knows when to hold down the brakes or accelerate the car. They can effortlessly make turns and end up on the destination in time. Chauffeurs are also expected to maintain all car parts and avoid making unnecessary stops.

Help you Navigate around Town:

What’s the point of hiring a chauffeur service when you have to find a way yourself?

That’s why expert chauffeurs are preferred over untrained drivers. An experienced and professional chauffeur would know their way around any city they work in. They should be knowledgeable about the main routes, turns and venues.

Adept chauffeurs are also responsible and guide tourists around the safer routes, recommending restaurants, malls and clubs insecure, fun areas. A chauffeur with professionalism speaks through driving and navigation skills.

Share their Experiences:

An accomplished chauffeur is one who holds a conversation easily and is quick to reply!

Chauffeurs who share their experiences with tourists, couples and prom-goers tend to receive better reviews and appreciation. It’s really important for a chauffeur to be efficient in answering any questions, sharing facts and chatting with social passengers!

Dress for the Occasion:

What makes a chauffeur professional? Well, a big part of discipline is attire!

A practiced chauffeur knows how to look and smell good. In the case of a wedding or major event, they are notified and dress fancy, or as per the occasion. A professional chauffeur will make sure your candid photos are on point!

But a chauffeur isn’t the only one to dress, sometimes it’s the car too! An experienced chauffeur will know to decorate the car according to the event, and spray over any scratches or dents! 

Keep Safety Checks:

Finally, an experienced chauffeur will know how to keep his passengers safe and secure. The chauffeur must keep tabs on the car security, such as license, anti-theft locks, alarms, airbags, smooth brakes and stealth tires.

Competent chauffeurs also refrain from steering the car recklessly, even in a rush. Keeping safety checks and making sure every potential danger is eliminated is a huge part of the chauffeur’s skillset.

An Example of Superb Service and Skilled Chauffeurs:

A shining example of a limo rental service with professional and skilled chauffeurs is Orlando Airport Limousine.

Our chauffeurs are the masters that drive our company towards success and a 100% satisfaction rate. They possess all the good qualities we have mentioned so far!

Our service is non-discriminatory; we treat all our passengers with the same, excellent care. Our chauffeurs make sure that you have a wonderful time riding with us! 
With cheap rates, large fleet and service as amazing as ours, why look elsewhere? Book a ride with us now and enjoy a royal trip around Florida!

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