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Universal Studios Orlando

Located in Orlando Florida at 6000 Universal Boulevard is Universal Studios Orlando. This city is known for it’s iconic theme parks and believe us, you’ll find so many here. Universal opened it’s doors June 7th, 1990 and has been a popular theme park ever since. 

Orlando Airport Limousine offers guests a luxury option for their Universal Studios transportation service. This is because we can accommodate small to large groups and we offer a pick up and drop off service. You won’t need to worry about parking and then finding your car at the end of the day. Plus it can be really stressful when you’re in a new city, leave it to our professional chauffeurs to worry about the directions. 

Universal Studios Orlando has three different parks to choose from and each one offers something a little bit different. This is also the best theme park to visit if you’re a Harry Potter fan, since you can explore Diagon Alley and try some butter bear. 

Parks at Universal Studios

There are three theme parks to choose from Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and Volcano Bay. It should be stated that Volcano Bay is a water park, which is a great way to spend a hot summer Florida day. 

Universal Studios: “It’s just like watching your favorite TV shows and movies IRL, except with the ultimate ride-y things like twists, turns and drops. Face villains more menacing than your kids pre-churros. Save the earth daily or even hourly.” 

Island of Adventure: “This is where it goes down. And up. And down again. To those who say “Yay adventure” we’re here for you. Superheroes. Magical creatures. A school of witchcraft and wizardry.” 

Volcano Bay: “It’s a water theme park. Which is like a theme park with a whole lotta water. And that big thing in the middle is just like a real volcano. ‘Cause you know volcanoes have water slides, the kind that’ll make you chicken out at the last minute unless your friends (or kids) peer pressure you” 

You might be wondering where to stay while you’re visiting this incredible location. There are hotels located not too far that offer fun and luxury! This makes planning your vacation even easier, and using Orlando Airport Limousine means you have your airport limo covered as well. 

Hotels at Universal Studios 

There are eight different hotels to choose from at Universal Orlando and each one is unique. We have listed them below to make the decision even easier and you can learn more about each one as you click on each one. 

It might be hard to choose which hotel to stay at but we know that no matter what one you choose you’ll have the most amazing time. What’s next? It’s time to make your reservation with Orlando Airport Limousine and make sure that you have your airport ground transportation booked. 

Orlando Airport Limousine 

When you book with Orlando Airport Limousine you have the option of choosing from a wide selection of vehicles. Our luxury vehicles rang from sedans to coach buses, plus we provide child seats upon request. 

When your vacation starts you shouldn’t have to worry about navigating around an unfamiliar city. We have professional chauffeurs that are well trained and are excellent drivers. You can rest easy and relax, your vacation has started! 

To make a reservation for your airport limousine service, please book online at anytime or contact us by phone at 1-800-617-9590 or email us directly at info@orlandoairportlimousine.com. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Orlando soon! 

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