Packing Your Carry-On Luggage

Davenport Airport Limo 
Davenport Airport Limo
August 29, 2022
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October 20, 2022

Packing Your Carry-On Luggage 

Packing your carry-on luggage can be a confusing answer to some but it’s really very simple. We’ll walk you through some of our best tips on what to pack. Of course each vacation you take might be different, but since we’re located in Orlando Florida our tips will be sunshine and beach related. 

Orlando Airport Limousine is one of the the best choices you can make when it comes to choosing an airport shuttle service. We offer a wide range of luxury limos and even coach buses. Pack your carry-on and let’s get you to the sunny beaches of Florida. 

Packing For Florida and Other Sunny Places

The sunny beach is waiting for you here in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas. Packing for this kind of vacation and especially only using a carry-on can be hard sometimes. What will you need and how much will you need. What if the weather changes and depending on the time of year it might even be a bit cooler. 

It’s always important to check the weather and get an idea of what to expect and then you can start creating a list of what you think you’ll need. Don’t worry too much because if there is something you’ve left behind, you’ll be able to purchase is it here. Orlando has some great shopping malls, boutiques and more.

The following list are some items that we think are essential, to any trip really. Check out our list and then add to it, but remember if this is the only luggage you’re taking to pack well. If you’re checking a bag in addition to your carry-on then you don’t have to worry quiet as much. 

We want to make an important note, that you should never pack your prescriptions or any important documents in a checked bag. These important items should always be in your carry-on.

  • Laptop/iPad 
  • Phone 
  • Passport 
  • Headphones 
  • Prescriptions
  • Other important documents 
  • Earplugs 
  • Clothes (if this is you’re only luggage) 
  • Travel sized sunscreen 
  • Travel sized toiletries 

There might be some items missing from this list and that’s ok, you can add to it and then make sure you’ve checked them all off. Making sure that you’ve packed efficiently and well is very important. You should also check all toiletries to make sure they’re the correct size, since if they’re not they will be removed at the security check. 

Getting to the airport might also be something you want to pre-plan, that’s where we come in. Orlando Airport Limousine is the best choice and we offer a wide variety of luxury vehicles to choose from. 

Your Orlando Airport Limousine  

The final item on your list might also be making your reservation for your airport limousine service. Use one of our professional drivers to deliver you safely from the airport and then to your hotel or resort. 

Choose from our large fleet of luxury vehicles, ranging from sedans, limousines, stretch limousines, to coach and mini buses. This way there’s no group we can accommodate for, plus our drivers know the areas well. You’re vacation will start the moment you get off the plan. 

Please feel free to connect us anytime if you have any questions or issues booking your luxury airport limousine. Contact us via phone at 1-800-617-9590 or by email at All of us at Orlando Airport Limousine look forward to seeing you in Orlando soon! 

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