How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Limo?

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Limousines have been around for a while, and they were initially a means of transporting rich or famous people. Today, limos are still popular with that crowd, but more and more people opt for them in other situations.

It’s a great way to enter in style without the need to drive. You’ll feel much more comfortable with it, and you’ll get a designated limo driver in the form of a professional chauffeur.

Limousine service can add a luxurious feeling to an already special event. People opt to hire limos for weddings, proms, birthday parties, sporting events, concerts, you name it. If you are new to renting limos you may be wondering what to expect for limo rental prices.

In fact, not many people are aware of limo prices, nor do they know how much they cost or why. Most limo providers offer limos with an hourly rate, and usually they require a minimum number of hours. For example, some require at least three or four hours of service in order to book your package.

Another way that some companies charge for limousine service is to do so, is a destination-based price. For example, we provide a set price for the trip to your destination whether you are traveling from the Orlando International Airport, Sanford International Airport, or even the Orlando Executive Airport to one of our many destinations like: Disney, Universal Studios, Port Canaveral, or one of Florida’s amazing beaches.

Additionally, a high-quality limousine company, like Orlando Airport Limousine, will provide charter or rental services that allow for large groups to plan travel for large number of attendees at events like business conventions, business conferences, family reunions or even large private parties that need a shuttle service to and from the event.

The service costs, though and the scope of the cost can differ greatly from provider to provider, and also on the circumstances of the specific rental.

Hourly Limousine Rental

Here, we’ll take a look at the limo service prices and what the usual hourly rate for the service is.

Almost every rental company that provides limo services, will provide hourly rates, and these rates depend on various factors.

What type of limo should I rent?

The type of vehicle is one of the most defining factors for the limo rates. There are many types of limos you can choose from: there are luxury sedans that can hold two to three, SUV four to five people, while stretch limos are suitable for 6 to 8 people.

For those who need more space, they can hire a large limo that can take up to 12 people, or a stretch, which can be as large as a 20-passenger limousine. In fact our fleet of stretch SUVs Cadillac escalade and hummer limos can hold to up to 20 people.

As expected, the larger limos will cost more and please remember that it is customary to tip your chauffeur for providing the best limo ride possible. Here are the most common hourly rates (excluding tip) for each type of limo:

  • Luxury Sedans ($55 per hour) – With these vehicles you’ll be able to transport 3 or 4 people at the same time, and these are usually the smallest type of limo.
  • Sport Utility Vehicles ($65  per hour) – It’s possibly the most common type of limo people decide to hire, and it can hold up to 6 passengers. The rates will depend on the provider and specific SUV type.
  • Stretch Sedan Limousines ($75 to $90  per hour) – These amazing luxury vehicles are suitable for people who want to have more space and a slightly larger limo than a standard capacity limousine. As you would expect, these limos are longer than regular limos. This type transports between 8-10 people, and the number can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Therefore, it is important that you verify the capacity you need before you rent these.
  • Sprinter executive Vans & Sprinter Limo bus ($75 to $125 per hour) – The prices here can vary greatly, and usually, these limos can carry up to 14-16 people at the same time. These prices differ based on the needs and desired amenities of the passengers.
  • SUV Stretch Limousines ($125 to $150 per hour) – This type of limo is usually the most costly, when it comes to hourly rates. They are also the most sought after. These stretch limousines, can accommodate up to 20 people, although the numbers can vary significantly depending on vehicle type. Some SUVs are smaller, so they will carry fewer people, and will also usually cost less.
  • Corporate Mini Bus & Coach Bus ($90 to $115 per hour) – This vehicle is intended for large capacity travel for groups of 30 – 52 passengers, at a time. These are ideal for corporate-sponsored events and other very large gatherings.

These prices are just estimates and are not representative of every provider. Of course, rental rates can vary for each provider; some are more luxurious, while others strive to bring a more affordable service. Other factors also come into play.

As you would expect some companies have extra charges for extra services or amenities, fuel surcharges, tolls, using a credit card, and even late cancellations. Know before you go, so make sure you understand the rental prices completely prior to making a reservation and providing your credit card information.

When are you renting a limo?

Limo service prices can also depend largely on when you are renting it. When faced with periods of higher demand for limousines and when there’s more traffic than usual, the rates can go higher than usual, but again this varies from company to company.

With many companies, when there’s higher demand you’ll have to spend more. For example, the demand will typically be higher during the weekends, especially on Saturdays, when many weddings and other events and special occasions take place.

When there are many events and parties that people want to go to happening all at once, the hourly rate can be higher. Especially during these periods of peak usage.

Other examples of times where rental cost can go higher, is when there’s an event in town, such as a concert or a sporting event. This is especially true if it’s a popular event and many people attend it.

In these cases there’s a larger probability that many other people have already hired a limo before you. So if you are not the early bird then you’ll have to be prepared for a higher than average cost and be ready to spend extra during those days or weeks.

On the other hand, the hourly rate will probably be at its lowest during the week; Tuesdays are a great day to hire a limo, as the prices on these days tend to be the lowest of the whole week. Renting a limo on Tuesday or Wednesday is best for those who need a budget service.

How Long Will You Rent the Limo For?

Naturally, as the rental company offers limo rentals by the hour, you’ll have to pay the hourly rate. The longer you want to have the limo, the more you’ll have to pay. The final price is always based on the amount of time the limo rental occurred.

As we’ve seen, the rates can go from $59 to over $150 per hour. Most providers won’t offer you the chance to rent a limo for less than an hour unless you choose a destination rate. Usually, the minimum amount of hours for the rental is 3 hours, but even this varies by company.

For those who will rent the limo for longer, let’s say for 7 hours, they might get a discount for each hour extra they rent. Bulk discounts are great for people who need the rental for the whole day or for events that take longer than just a few hours.

There are also rates for two-way rates or for pickup rates for users that only want to rent the limousine for only one ride. Those limo rates are usually lower than a 3-hour rental, but again, the rent varies from provider to provider.

Are You Tipping the Limo Driver?

This is also called gratuity. Most limo services will include the gratuity rates in the final price, while a few will charge it separately. Some services won’t charge the gratuity but will expect you to tip the driver.

When you are renting a limo, if it isn’t obvious as you are ordering, you will have to ask whether the gratuity is included in the price. That way, you’ll know whether the final cost is the one that’s provided, or if there is an additional cost for gratuity.

The industry average for tipping is 20% of the service cost. If you plan to request the same driver again due to amazing service, you may even want to consider tipping the driver a little extra yourself, they’ll appreciate and remember it.

Additional Fees When Renting a Limousine

On the final receipt, you might also notice some additional fees that you’ll be obliged to pay. It’s better to be aware of these fees before you hire, because you don’t want any unpleasant surprises later on. Fees can typically be charged:

  • When the driver has to park the limo and wait for you, and when there is no free parking available nearby.
  • When the driver has to wait for you, and the fee is incurred for every additional 15 minutes that the driver has to wait. In some cases, the fees are charged separately on the final bill, or they are part of the final price with hourly rates.
  • For every stop that the driver makes, and if they are longer than 10 minutes. Although the scope of a stop fee is usually similar to the waiting fee, the stop fees will usually be charged when the driver stops for longer periods.
  • Whenever you damage or pollute the limo, you’ll have to pay for the cleaning. This includes various odors or stains that are hard to remove, spills, smoke stains, vomit, and other similar stains. Sometimes, the limo rides can get messy and these cleaning fees can get high if you’re not careful.
  • If you do a lot of damage to the limo, you’ll obviously need to pay for the repairs. It includes the physical damage such as rips and tears of the carpet, damage to moldings and other parts of the limo, or damage to the limo interior.
  • Should the driver have to drive you more than you have estimated or arranged, there might be fees for the extra hours that they will have to drive you. Extra hours can happen if you’re late to the limo and you’re not there for the arranged time. In this case, the extra hours are incurred on the total bill.


The average cost for limo service is different for each provider, and it’s always best to check all the documentation before you hire. You’ll need to thoroughly review the contract and the agreement before signing.

If you’re renting the limo for prom night, it’s better to rent it earlier to avoid the higher prices in advance. If you share in groups, provide the information to the group to avoid the extra fees that might occur due to the passengers not knowing the terms.

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