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Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine with suicide door

The design of the limo has always been seen as stylish and classy and it has been considered an extravagant vehicle for so many years. It is mostly shaded in dark color or white which gives a very graceful and stylish look to the viewer. It has become a tradition now to use the limo for different events, occasions, weddings, and parties. There are very few lefts which are being carried for personal use or by the government to give protocol to its senior legislators, jurisprudence and special visitors.

There are very minor differences which exist when Hummer limo is compared with Extended Limo. Any Hummer Limo can carry 8 to 10 individuals while the Extended Limo can easily carry 15 to 20 individuals by not compromising at all on their comfort level. Stretch Limo is mostly driven by expert drivers while on the other hand, even an escort can drive a Hummer limo. Any type of enhancements can be given to any limo but when it comes to Stretch Limo, you can only enjoy selective options like bar, sound systems, videos and so on.

Stretch Limo

The length of the auto is the main difference between a stretch limo and other limos. Whether it is a stretch limo or just a vehicle, if the auto is driven by an escort then the auto will be viewed as a limo. Stretch Limo can be used as auto, car, taxi or other simple vehicle depending upon whether you expand it or weld it back. So, if it is a customary limo or a stretch limo, in both cases it would be just called a limo.

There are other types of limos as well which can help one in understanding the difference between Hummer Limo and Stretch Limo. Lincoln Limo is used mostly by organizations for business meetings and presentations as it is perfectly suited for 2 to 3 people who can have a secure and comfortable ride during the meeting and discussion. Extravagance SUV is ideally used to get a ride till airport terminal, business travel, and a pleasant date/dinner which have sentimental values. It can’t carry as many people as stretch limo does.

Standard Stretch Limo is basically for the huge gatherings to go on various events, occasions and parties. SUV Extended Limo is another kind of limo which has a capacity of a huge number of individuals. The facilities and options it has for its passengers are quite greater than the standard stretch limo. It has a huge sound system and other additional items like more seating space and high-quality videos and lighting.

Hummer Limo

Hummer Extended Limo is a perfect choice to make if you want to establish a connection with your ride. This is not for romantic dates and dinners or for something having a sentimental value, but it is definitely suitable for the purpose of serving a ride to a bachelor party or any other birthday party. Stretch Limo, on the other hand, is considered to have a presidential standard. There are other party buses as well which can carry as many people as any other Stretch Hummer limo. Such type of buses can be used to get a safe ride for you and your people on any important event which you might have in your life.

All types of limos are luxurious, exuberant and classy which have different purposes and features. To understand the differences between these certain types of limos is really important to make perfect choices and decisions. To make a calculated decision, one should definitely understand and remember that which type of limo is well suited for which type of event.

You can modify your choice of a limo after deciding to for one. You can add in and minus certain things which you like or don’t like. It depends on the moods and temperament of the people you are taking along with you. It also depends on the type of events to which one is getting the ride. For example, if it’s a funeral and you want to add as many people as possible then extended limo choice would be a better one while you can cut off the options of disco lightings and disco bar for the environment to remain peaceful and calm.

So, don’t waste more time and money, and make a calculated decision of renting a limo for you after understanding the major and minor differences in between its types.

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