7 transportation tips you should know in 2019

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The most important yet the biggest pain point of planning a trip is arranging a transportation service for you and your family or friends. 

This becomes an even bigger problem when the event grows closer and you are unable to figure out away. In this guide, we have gathered 7 excellent transportations tips and tricks that will help you get the burden of commute off your shoulders

1. Choosing the right vehicle

Always keep the theme of your event or the purpose of your travel. Are you on a business trip or want to celebrate your anniversary? Either way, your transportation should be appropriate for it. We at Orlando Airport Limousine have an extended range of vehicles to suit your needs. 

2. Always book in advance

Now that you have chosen your desired limousine, it’s time for you to book it. If you are thinking it is too soon to book a vehicle you might as well do it a night before, then keep in mind that you will have to compromise on either the vehicle or pay a higher price for urgent booking

3. Book a vehicle with Wi-Fi availability when traveling with co-workers

We recommend booking internet supported vehicles from our fleet when you are on a business trip since you never know when it might come in handy!

4. Pick up EXTRA snacks

When traveling with a bunch of people it’s a great idea to pack a little extra food.

5. Cheaper transportation might cost you

We all want to save some bucks on transportation and a new shiny budget-friendly service might seem convincing to you but it may cost you the entire trip worth of money as there are a lot of fraudulent online services that claim to be budget-friendly but in reality, provide pathetic service for the price.

Instead, go for a reliable source that can personally recommend you one or do your own research before booking one.

6. Travel light, thank us later!

We know it’s difficult to choose from your favorite 10 pairs of jeans but taking them with you on a week-long trip is not the greatest idea. Plan your outfits and pair up with the same pieces differently. The fewer pieces of luggage you carry the more you can enjoy the places you are visiting.

7. when in doubt, let the professionals take over

it is quite possible for you to get lost while looking for a place in a completely new city, so getting yourself a professional transportation service would be a smarter option. We not only provide pickups and drop-offs but also provide complete customer support over phone calls, emails and in-person.

When traveling with our well-trained chauffeurs, one thing that you never have to worry about is finding that beautiful place on the outskirts of Orlando, if it’s there, we will take you there!

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